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Write Path NI Limited provide a full range of services including editorial, design, marketing and distribution. We work closely with our authors, offering support and guidance, to ensure their work is presented at its best.


We will also offer guidance, support, editorial and design services to authors who wish to keep control of their work, but need help to self-publish a professional product. These services are bespoke and fees negotiated depending on the project, please contact us for further details.




So, you've finally finished your manuscript, your short stories, your collection of poetry, your memoirs, whatever form your creative baby has, it's here and .... now what?

Will you submit to the big, traditional publishers? likelihood is your 'baby' will lie neglected in the 'slush pile' - by all means go for it, you have to dream big right?

Have you trawled through the numerous articles that fuel the debate between 'traditional' and 'self-publishing'? There are pro's and con's for each, but maybe we should begin to think more in terms of professional and unprofessional publishing. Whatever way you decide to go, we can help and steer you down the Write Path.

If you like the sound of that, and your work is ready, forward it to and let's see what we can do.

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